Rebecca Kontus is a professional singer-songwriter, whom is difficult to categorize by genre. Her voice is like molten swiss chocolate mixed with liquid gold and it sounds good in jazz, but she has experimented and tested herself in various styles: from gospel to rock.In Addition to music

Her 5 solo albums (Inglite pisarad, Déjà Vu, Võin ma tulla, Flâneur, Jõuludeks koju) will provide this kind of colourful experience.
Her latest project dedicated to French music brought full houses in main concert halls in Estonia

Featured Songs


Jõuludeks koju (2013)

New Christmas songs by Teedy Tüür, Matis Metsala and Rebecca Kontus.

Flâneur (2012)

Promenading in different cities, sitting in cafés, observing strangers or meeting friends – all the above has inspired me to compose these songs. when I´ve had the chance to take the role of an urban stroller, have made me reflect on different themes, some of which are recorded as musical material on this album.
Musical team: vocals Rebecca Kontus, drums Toomas Rull or Ahto Abner, double bass Heikko Remmel, keys Matis Metsala, guitar Merje Kägu or Jaak Sooäär, sax Villu Veski, trumpet Tanel Kuusk, cello Andreas Lend.

Võin ma tulla (2010)

The final choice of 12 songs – old chorales recorded in jazz. The main idea when making the arrangements was to treat the melodies with great respect, only to play around with rhythm and harmony.

this album a unique project was carried out when from well-known chorales the most beloved ones were chosen, arranged into jazz and recorded. In order to find these songs we examined people from different congregations and around 20 songs were named repeatedly….vocals Rebecca Kontus, double bass Peedu Kass, guitar Marek Talts, drums Ahto Abner, keys Matis Metsala, saxophone Danel Aljo, violin Eivin toodo.

Dèja Vu (2008)

Albums are usually recorded with a single band and in some cases different singers but this time there is just one singer and several bands with very different sounds. There are about 30 professional musicians from Estonia, Australia and the USA playing on this album.

Inglite pisarad (2008)

The first solo album of Rebecca Kontus “Inglite Pisarad” (“Tears of the Angels”) is a meeting of thought and beautiful music, on journeys from the childhood towards growing up. We all have our own dreams, all we have to do is believe that they will come true. This will be the beginning of a journey,” Rebecca explains. The album consists of songs written by Estonian as well as foreign authors. To most of the arrangements have been made by Henri Peipman, an Australian jazz musician originating from Estonia.
On the album Rebecca is accompanied by a trio compiled of professional musicians: Henri Peipman (piano), Taavo Remmel (contrabass) and Ahto Abner (drums).

Eesti hääled (2011)

The music is composed by Toomas Rull and performed by various Estonian artists: Hedvig Hanson, Laura Põldvere, Sofia Rubina, Silvi Vrait, Kadri Voorand, Tõnis Mägi, Chalice, Rebecca Kontus, Aile Asszonyi ja Jassi Zahharov, Kaire Vilgats, Lisanne ja Susanne

We can make a difference (2008)

2nd album of Tallinn Gospel Choir

Plenty Good Room (2005)

The first album of Tallin Gospel Choir

Let’s Get Loud (2005)

Suntribe was a girlband that represented Estonia in Eurovision 2005 in Kiyv, Ukraine.

Tähtede Taga (2005)

Old chorals are arranged into jazz. The songs are performed by Mart Sander, Rebecca Kontus, Liisi Koikson and Riho Sibul.


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